High-quality studios for all sound and music professionals

Audio PRO

Premium studios for music creation, mixing and recording
HDS Pro Prod Studio
Studios pour production musicale avec set up classique: DAW, clavier et enceintes de monitoring
  • From 6m²
  • Balanced acoustic treatment
  • Isolation suited for monitoring
  • Optimized space
HDS Pro Rec Studio
Sound recording studios: recording of voices (voice-overs, vocals, dubbing, etc.) or musical instruments
  • From 2m² (voice) / 6m² (instrument)
  • Enhanced sound isolation
  • Optimized acoustic treatment for sound recording
  • Custom windows for visual contact
HDS Pro Mix
Studios de mixage pour les besoins des ingénieurs du son: De la configuration classique aux exigences les plus pointues
  • From 10m²
  • Stereo to Dolby Atmos set upTM
  • Customized working space (size and shape)
  • Preliminary acoustic studies

Play PRO

Rehearsal studios: ideal for music schools and arts centers
HDS Play Pro
Studios for all instruments, solo or group. A work space conducive to concentration and creativity. No outside noise disturbs the musicians, who in turn do not disturb those around them
  • From 6m2
  • Isolation and treatment adapted to acoustic instruments
  • Standard and custom sizes
  • Compliance with public access regulations
Studios optimized for loud instruments (drums, percussion or amplified instruments). Enhanced isolation for stress-free practice
  • From 6m2
  • Larger walls, heavier doors and multi-layer floors
  • Standard and custom sizes
  • Compliance with public access regulations

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HDS Pro Prod pour le Studio Redline
HDS Home Studio Premium
HDS Play Pro Standard
HDS Play Pro Standard
HDS Pro Mix Dolby Atmos Ready
HDS Pro Rec - Studio Foley

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